The Talk Detail is “Google Analytics for real-time communications” in this talk we will be discuss metrics that measures the Service Quality on a day-to-day basis and show the long-term trends that we’ve observed. Some of the metrics discussed in this talk will most likely will be covered in a WebRTC Metrics Report (due to be published in July 2018), so these would be new information for the folks attending the conference.

About Varun Singh

Varun Singh is the Founder and CEO of CALLSTATS I/O OY. The product analyses and optimizes the Quality of multimedia in real-time communication (currently, WebRTC). He has made several standards contributions IETF (since 2010), and W3C (since 2014). He has a Ph.D. degree from Aalto University, Finland. was named a “Cool Vendor 2016” in Unified Communications by Gartner.

Photo of Varun Singh