The Talk Detail

When adding video conferencing capabilities to your applications, there are a myriad of services to choose from, and you can always DIY it. Jitsi ticks all the boxes while being 100% Open Source and self-hostable.

Web browsers? Check. Mobile devices? Check. Watch? Yep, that too. Recording, builtin chat, easy to use APIs, even some machine learning! Jitsi has all the bells and whistles someone may need when adding video conferencing to an application.

In this talk we’ll explore all this and see how you can unleash the power of Jitsi to video-boost your application.

About Boris Grozev

Boris Grozev is one of the developers on the Jitsi team working at Atlassian. Although throughout the years he has worked on most parts of the Jitsi stack, passion is the intersection between networking and multimedia, and most of his work is on the development of the Jitsi media server, jitsi-videobridge. He is also interested in scientific research, and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in computer networks at the University of Strasbourg.

Photo of Boris Grozev