The Talk Detail

This workshop will run through all of the components required to assemble a fully functional 4G (LTE-A) Multi Operator Neutral Network (MONeH). Hardware can be either Open Source or Commercial-Off-the-Shelf based, coupled with software and services assembled from easily accessible sources. Add to this exciting mixture James’ ‘Magic Ingredients’, including the super secret MONeH SIM (multi-IMSI/mult-crypto capable) and licenced interconnections with the Public Mobile Networks via a cloud based mobile network core.

We will also debunk the mystery behind getting usable mobile spectrum to run your own network on - without having to invest billions of dollars in National Spectrum Auctions!

About James Body

With over 40 years experience with Telecommunications Systems, James has been described as a ‘Walking Wikipedia for Communications Systems’. As an energetic exponent of Open Source software he has been intimately involved with projects like Asterisk, Kamailio, and FreeSWITCH since their inception. For the 10 year period between 2006 and 2016 he was responsible for much of the really innovative components of Truphone as it evolved from the World’s first mobile VoIP operator into a fully fledged International Mobile Network Operator with a huge high end user community. Having demonstrated the art of building Open Source based Mobile Network infrastructure at the Telecoms Application Developers events (TAD Summit) and being selected by the Small Cell Forum as Global Operator Champion for Multi Operator Neutral Host (MONeH) Small Cells, he left Truphone in November 2016 to bootstrap a new company with the specific aim of building all of the components required to enable privately owned publicly accessible mobile networks, starting with a solution to solve the problem of Rural Not-Spots.

James has spent the past 5 years co-hosting the weekly VUC Podcast [ ].

Photo of James Body