The Talk Detail

WebRTC is the dominant technology for delivering real-time communications, be it communication apps for team-communication, gaming, health-care, language-learning, online-tutoring, or banking and insurance. It is making in-roads in to call-centres where the cloudification is making it easier to run click-to-call centres. Beyond the audio and video, the data-channels are reigniting the spark for a distributed web, i.e, bittorrent type of data delivery. This talk is going to go beyond these areas and talk about the emergence and use of WebRTC in connected cars, conversational devices, IoT, and video surveillance verticals.

About Binoy Chemmagate

Binoy Chemmagate is a product manager at, a WebRTC monitoring service which analyses and optimizes the quality of multimedia in real-time communication. At, he leads the product and partnerships with SDK providers and third parties. He received his masters degree in communication engineering from Aalto University, Finland in 2012. He has been working in the Telecom and Networking industry for the past 8 years with the focus on the transport layer optimization in mobile data networks.

Photo of Binoy Chemmagate