The Talk Detail

Based on several years of Work on Meedoze technology, recent work as CoSMo’s Tech Lead Media Server for Symphony (Jitsi-based) and Evasyst (janus-based), and reverse engineering of chrome for VP9 SVC support, webrtc media server expert Sergio Murillo will deliver a great talk about the technical aspects of open-source webrtc MCU / SFUs in general, how they compare, the latest advances, and the features to look for when choosing one.

Also, he will introduce Meedoze server technology portfolio which has been open sourced early 2018, and contains advanced features (VP9 SVC support, Double-encryption a.k.a. PERC Lite), showing a live example about how to use it to create a simple but powerful tool for libwertc developers.

About Sergio Garcia Murillo

In addition to having more than 15 years of telco experience under his belt, Sergio has been the senior solution architect and lead developer of several open source projects. He has proven expertise in SIP, IMS, VoIP, and video communications, including WebRTC and streaming technologies.

Currently he is the main developer for Meedoze technology and recently joined CoSMo’s Tech as Lead Media Server and his day to day work life is hacking WebRTC in all sort of imaginative ways.

Symphony presentation on Double Encryption @ IIT-RTC Attlasian / Jitsi presentation on Double Encryption @ IIT-RTC Janus presentation on Double Encryption @ IIT-RTC

VP9 SVC in chrome, reverse engineering @ webrtc hacks VP9 SVC support in Janus from the Meedoze code base @ Meetecho

Photo of Sergio Garcia Murillo