The Talk Detail

This is an opportunity for people to learn more about what’s new with Asterisk 15, the most recent major release of Asterisk and what’s in the development pipeline for Asterisk 16, the next big release of Asterisk.

Details of new features in Asterisk 15 will be discussed, including some of the new video functionality and other WebRTC improvements. Also, a short demonstration of Asterisk 15’s new SFU video functionality will be given. If there is time, a project level update will also be given, including what’s up and coming for the new major version.

About Matthew Fredrickson

Matthew has worked at Digium more or less since 2001. He has a BS in Computer Engineering from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. He wrote Digium’s SS7 stack, libss7, as well as maintained and developed its ISDN stack libpri. He also wrote a number of DAHDI drivers and maintained the DAHDI project for a number of years. He currently is serving at Digium as the leader of the Asterisk project.

Photo of Matthew Fredrickson