About Tim Panton

Tim is a futurist with a strong pragmatic instinct, but currently spending his time on Parrots and Lego dogs with |pipe|

His business card says he’s a ‘Protocol Droid’. He has spoken at various conferences, and one Youtube talk on webRTC has 65k views. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7NsiFXcc5A)

Tim is currently creating a secure, direct authenticated data transport layer between connected devices and their owners. Which seems to involve directly controlling a Lego dog from a web browser. Tim alternates between running startups and consulting for larger companies. He’s currently in a startup phase. Past projects have included training simulation for oil platforms, time management of a space telescope and running a mobile phone network at the Burning Man festival.

Tim Panton's Session

"It’s Fun to have Fun, but you have to know how" said the Cat in the Hat before he let out Thing One and Thing Two. This workshop will introduce you to the fun you can have with devices at the crossover between Internet of Things and realtime communications whilst keeping them in a secure box.

Many of the skills and tools we use in realtime communications are very relevant for today’s IoT devices. You’ll use your skills with WebRTC, IVR, NAT traversal etc to build a device. (A video doorbell perhaps, or a remotely controllable PodCast device, or a webcam on wheels) We will provide a selection of screens, lights, sensors, actuators, cameras, microphones etc which can be plugged into a Raspberry Pi. We will provide software and APIs to let you get your selected hardware obeying your every whim! You’ll use your smartphones as remote controls for these devices. Mentors will be on hand to help you get everything working.

There will be a prize for the best (As selected by Dan) working assembly.

You, or your co-experimentor will need some javascript skills to get the best out of the hardware provided.