About Pranav Jain

Pranav Jain

GSoC’16 with Debian
Software Developer @ Nvidia
Invited to President House for Innovation Forum
Winner of Google Code for India Hackathon facilitated by Shri. Narendra Modi., Prime Minister of India
Selected for United Nation’s COP 23
Student of the Year

Urvika Gola

Outreachy with Debian
Interned @ Fidelity International | Wipro

Pranav Jain's Session

We would talk about our work of “Lumicall” RTC application. We would talk about two major open source initiatives – Google Summer of Code and Outreachy and How we got selected into these programmes, how our mentors helped us, the warm open source community we got to experience.

Being students who started their contribution to Open Source through Outreach programmes, Urvika and Pranav would talk about two major open source initiatives – Google Summer of Code and Outreachy. We both worked on Free - RTC application. Our objective would be to talk about How we got selected into these programmes, about the interesting tasks we got to do, how our mentors helped us along the way but kept enough room to explore on our own and the warm open source community we got to experience. Both of us belong from underrepresented group in technology.

These programmes provided a platform so that we, as newcomers, could reach out to open source projects. In the same way, we plan to keep driving involvement into open source projects through such programmes so that more community is benefited.

Urvika would share her experience being an Outreachy Intern and how she she felt empowered and confident during and after the programme. Outreachy is a similar program like GSoC but it helps people from underrepresented groups such as females and LGBTQ, to get involved in open source software. Outreachy programme is not necessarily for students or even coders. That’s what makes the programme different. She would like to share her journey of getting selected for Outreachy in the hopes of inspiring budding female developers like her.Pranav would be sharing his working and learning experience during Google Summer of Code.

We both worked on a Free - Real Time Communication (Free - RTC) project particularly, “Lumicall”. Lumicall is a free and convenient app for making encrypted phone calls. It uses the SIP protocol to interoperate with other apps and corporate telephone systems. We would talk about the contributions we made to this project and how it pushed RTC community forward. Additionally, we would talk about the significance of Free RTC. We would talk about the advantages of Free - RTC and how you can replace your existing stack with it.

I, Pranav would briefly explain about adding PUBLISH Support to Lumicall and developing a library for adding quick enroll option to Android Applications.