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Nir Simionovich's Session

PHP is most probably the darling language of Asterisk platform developers - it’s been around for years, it’s stable - and information is all over. But, AGI is limited - time to spread your wings with PHP and ARI.

The world is changing and the need for a new breed of Asterisk voice applications is here. Asynchronous applications are not enough any more, we need more power and more control over our calls and media streams. This session will introduce you the Asterisk REST interface, a new methodology of developing next generation Asterisk applications, specifically with the PHP-ARI library.

PHP-ARI was created as bridge for classic PHP developers, looking to get started with Asterisk ARI, without the need to learn a new development language or development paradigm.

What should you know in order to participate in this workshop:

  1. A basic understanding of the Asterisk Open Source PBX platform
  2. A basic understanding of PHP
  3. Some familiarity with the legacy PHP-AGI library

What will we do during the workshop? that is very much up-to-you. The workshop is will be an open ended workshop, where the concepts and paradigms will be presented with some basic exercises. Following the basic workshop we will continue to the first ever ARI Mob-Programming/Mini-Hackathon session, where the workshop participants will split into small work-groups (up to 4 participants in each group) - and we will all code the same application requirement. Following the code session, all will present their application - to the “grilling” of the audience.

Best implementation will win a special cloudonix.io sponsored award - for the entire team.