About Marquis de Geek

Steven Goodwin (London, England) has been involved in computing, science, and technology from an early age, writing his first code when 8 and building his first synthesizer while still in his teens. Since then he’s grown up (apparently!) to become a CTO and systems architect who has designed and built global systems for Unilever, Playfish, and Third Space Learning, using a wide range of languages and technologies.

He’s also highly experienced working at a small scale, with innovative work on the iPhone, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi in the communication, IoT, and home automation space.

His position as an industry thought leader includes 60+ articles, 5 books, and work as a start-up consultant, futurist, and mentor. As a speaker and commentator he has spoken at many major national, and international, conferences around the world on topics as diverse as WebRTC, HTML5, game development, and quantum superpositions.

His interests outside of computers, also involve computers!

Marquis de Geek's Session

WebRTC is a communication protocol that is built directly into the web browser, allowing for voice and video calls to be made without plugins or native applications. In this talk, Steven covers the basics of the platform, what it is, what is does (and does not do), and cover the underlying code.

Although the marketing hype suggests you can build a ‘Skype in a browser’ in an afternoon, it doesn’t really tell you how. Or where the problems will occur. This talk will cover both the client and server-side code necessary to do it properly. Targeted at developers of all levels who are unfamiliar with WebRTC, it will provide a better understand of how WebRTC applications work under the hood, what the API provides, and serve as a guide as to what is (and what is not) possible for the developers to deliver.

I will practically demonstrate the various “moving parts” necessary to build a WebRTC application, by creating one live on stage.