About Jöran Vinzens

I stared my current work six years ago at sipgate as VoIP engineer. During my work i have been in contact with lots of VoIP services such as asterisk, kamailio or yate. We are using these components in a large scale environment. about 4 years ago we stared with automation with our java backed systems. A Little later we have made the first steps in order to automate VoIP Systems so we can handle the large system with less effort and more precision. During the process I have worked on different ways to use ansible. Performing some little steps in addition to the existing process up to an entire new deployment process from scratch I have worked on different implementations.

Jöran Vinzens' Session

Ansible is a powerful tool in order to deploy an kind of service. unfortunately VoIP is not just any service. There special needs and limitations we have to face during a deployment. I’ll give samples and ways how to use ansible in order to deploy asterisk, kamailo or yate.

We use ansible in our company to deploy every kind of service including voip systems. We have made lots of iterations and we hope everybody can make use of our experience. automation makes systems uniform and the deployment much faster while less complex for developers and administrator. an automatic way of deployment can be used for one system only as well as a high scaled infrastructure with several hundreds of systems. No matter if the systems are on bare metal or some kind of container ansible can be used.

I gave a talk at astricon very similar to what i am planning here. During this talk I will concentrate more on the ansible specifics to be used for voip services.